Just another winning day.


*Good* Morning Power Team 🤗

A *Super* Midweek Trade Result For Yesterday 🤩


Leveraging the right Technology with real Professional Forex Traders, Proprietary Software, and using winning proven strategies we get to share in the success

Hey *POWER TEAM*Wednesday July 15, 2020

The percent was 1.34% 👏🏼👏🏼 and depending on what Academy package you choose, here are the totals.


  • $300 = $2.81
  • $500 = $4.69
  • $1k = $9.38
  • $2k = $18.76
  • $3k = $28.14
  • $5k = $46.90
  • $7k = $65.66
  • $10k = $93.80
  • $15k = $140.70
  • $20k = $187.60
  • $30k = $281.40
  • $40k = $375.20
  • $50k = $469.00
  • $70k = $656.60
  • $100k = $938.00
  • **Trading on the Global Forex Market is risky, no past results can g uarantee future profits in any type of real trading activity**🔥Click this link to know more and be part of this amazing company🔥


Published by Dennis Ray

I've been in the oil and gas industry most of my life and after the oil drop I took a big hit. Things picked up only to be shut down again with the Covid. I needed to find a better way to make money. Warren Buffet said “If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” Then my friend introduced me to CashFx and this amazing coompany has changed my life. https://xdraycashfx.com/

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